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How do you create a biopic of one of the most famous First World War poets?

This month we’re joined by Dr Jane Potter (Oxford Brookes) to discuss the 2021 film Benediction about the life of Siegfried Sassoon.
Along the way we explore the long shadow of Regeneration, soldiers in drag, and the brilliance of Edith Sitwell. We also get very excited by a surprise cameo from the star of a previous episode!


Alice Winn, In Memoriam (2023)
Benediction’ is a shattering biopic of the English war poet Siegfried SassoonLA Times 
Benediction review – Terence Davies’ piercingly sad Siegfried Sassoon dramaThe Guardian
Brian Bond, The Unquiet Western Front (2008)
Edith Sitwell, Wheels (1919)
Jane Potter, Selected Letters of Wilfred Owen (2023)
Regeneration, dir by Gillies MacKinnon (1997)
Siegfried Sasson, The Complete Memoirs of George
They Shall Not Grow Old, dir by Peter Jackson (2018)

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