The King’s Men

What happens if you combine the First World War with an action-adventure film?


How are embroidery, and the women who do it, portrayed in the years after the First World War?


What effect did the First World War have on football?

Short Stories

How do you convert the First World War into a short story?

Franz Ferdinand

How should we remember the man whose assassination sparked the July Crisis?

Sounds of War

What songs were popular during the First World War?

37 Days

How do you turn the diplomatic exchanges before the outbreak of the First World War into a TV drama?

Computer Games

How do you turn the First World War into a computer game?

Popular Films

What themes unite better-known films about the First World War?

The Christmas Truce of 1914

How do you portray a moment of peace during the First World War when it’s not always clear what actually happened?

Peaky Blinders

Did the First World War inspire organised crime in inter-war Britain?

Babylon Berlin

How has the First World War been translated by German popular culture?